Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Project

So as you guys know, or maybe don't...since remission I've been slow to post at the rate I used to. Part of that is the fact that my time is no longer spent being pumped full of poison for hours at a time and the other part is that I'm busy and generally find I have less to talk about. In some ways, I've felt that since then, I really needed to get back into writing, but generally found nothing interesting to wrote about.

All that has changed. A few friends were talking about starting their own blogs and each of them writing about the same idea each week. They asked me to join, and of course I said yes, bc I really, really need something to spark my desire to write with material. Plus, this way it will likely take m out of my comfort zone by me not choosing the topic all of the time. I'm pretty excited about this and you should see the first post here in the next little bit. Since some of you have always said that you enjoy my posts and want me to write more, I expect you to read it and possibly even spark a debate about the topic (whatever it may be).


  1. Glad you're on board! I have the same issue with writer's block. Feel free to send me your ideas and I'll add them to the list! I'll throw up a simple pag on my blog where they will be listed. Did you see the first prompt? Oh and I switched to a new blog-- hertempest.com

  2. Sounds great as long as you spell check the next post Kevo. Where is your red pen when you need it?

  3. Where did I miss one? I swear I spell checked that stuff. Should have known you'd find it...grammar/spelling nazi!