Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 411

Why would I title my first post the 411? Maybe because I think the word "info" is overused, or it could be in the 2 weeks since I found out I have cancer my highlight has been catching a 90s cover band, thus I'm fixated on that a bit. I blame the plethora of Bill Bellamy head shots they placed about the venue. (They also had a video intro involving a lengthy portion of clips from MTV's "The Grind", but I'll leave that for another post.) Anyways, My name is Kevin, I'm 30 and 2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. It was caught through a lung x-ray. I'd had a cough for 2 months that wouldn't go away and after the x-ray, they proceeded to do a few more scans, and then 3 hours later I'm sitting in an ultrasound room & a doctor says the C-word. Since that time, I have had the affected testicle removed via surgery and have met with the doctors to map out my chemotherapy plan. I start that on Monday, it will last for 12 weeks, and the doctor's think that after this treatment cycle, all of the cancer will be gone. (It had spread into my lymph nodes and to my lungs, hence the cough.) I'm finding that it is much harder to type through this than it is to tell the story to a person and so you should get used to it being choppy, incoherent, moderately funny, & maybe a little more incoherent. I have no clue what this will end up as. I imagine some posts will be lengthy, while others short and to the point. Some may suck (read: a lot of these may suck). Mostly, these will just help me to clear my mind and maybe cope with what is happening to me, all the while letting you know how everything is going. Feel free to leave me comments of well wishing, or whatever. Just don't correct my grammar as poor grammar is a huge side effect of chemotherapy...(NOT).

Also, no whining about the general layout. Just be thankful I didn't write this whole damn thing in Purple Comic Sans.

Your Welcome,



  1. Whatever Dan Gilbert, you just wanna blame this on LeBron.

    Looove Yoooou

  2. Who would correct your grammar? You ARE the red-pen master, are you not?

  3. I'm not going to lie, I was eager to point out that The first thing I noticed was Your Welcome and I desperately wanted to say, You-apostrophe-re is you are. Then I realized what an insensitive prat I'd be. Then you specifically asked for no grammar comments, so then I had to.

    Love ya and you're kicking ass!

  4. Come on Kev! I LOVE purple comic sans! That would have been fun...but not really you now is it?

  5. Kevin,
    I'm glad you are keeping us informed with your blog even with your bad grammar. :-)
    From experience, the blog is not only helpful for the one going through the "c" word but also for your friends and family.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Jennifer and Zac Fowler

  6. In my defense, I'm from Kentucky so despite being an English major at the moment, the grammar mistakes are long ingrained in my DNA. Thanks to all of you for the encouraging words and support, I never really thought it would mean as much as it does.