Thursday, July 28, 2011

Waiting Room Bliss

Doesn't exist. Nope. There's always some asshat talking too loud, texting, or making inane comments. As a person, you should realize that when you make me want the nurse to call me back for chemotherapy quickly, there's something wrong. The wonderfully intelligent lady this morning, we will call "Gorgotha". I cannot begin to describe every stupid remark out of her mouth in the 5+ minutes we shared the waiting room, but in the past few weeks there's always one in every doctor's room. This has led me to have a worsened opinion of Americans in general, mostly at just how self-absorbed and uneducated we are as a nation.
Gorgotha this morning started off her babbling with asking her friend why they were asking about her babies on the forms she was filling out? It seems that she had a baby die at some point (which is really tragic), and that the fact they had a legitimate medical reason acquire about her history was, "Some really stupid shit!" Which was nice for the whole waiting room to hear about at 8:45am...
Now, at this point, I'm passively ignoring her despite her best efforts to be heard by all until she releases the following rant after the news flashed a story about the pending debt ceiling situation. In summation, she's tired of hearing about Obama, she doesn't like him and this debt stuff is stupid.

Small side note: Glycerin by Bush just came on my iTunes. Damn I love this song and at least once a month try to start a convo with Suz about why Bush is no longer a band and that I miss them. Especially that MTV spring break version of this song in the rain!

Anyways, Gorgotha begins to explain that Obama has done nothing he promised, and that the only reason he was elected was due to all of the Mexicans that he got to come over and vote (can't make this shit up if I was trying). She then explains that she's been to Mexico. Blabbers some story about telling a sheriff's deputy (Bob Marley's "I shot the Sheriff" is playing now, I love iTunes shuffle) that he shouldn't harass Mexicans because she'd like to see him go across and get back without out any papers. She then proceeds to talk about how she loves it down there and prefers it to America???????????????????
I'm sorry, but if you're sitting in this country, in a doctor's office with what would appear to be a serious medical condition other than your apparent chronic stupidity, I'd think twice before trashing this country. First, that part where you didn't have to pay for shit. You're welcome. Dollars provided by that debt ceiling passed by those politicians you hate were part of what got you the chance to waltz in scott-free and receive treatment. I may not agree with many parts of what Congress has done, but I have at least tried to understand the basic concept of what is happening. Gorgotha clearly struggles with the basic concepts of things such as long division and cross multiplying still today.
I would strongly urge anyone, after having gone through this last month of multiple doctor visits, tests, scans, etc. to rival another country's health care with ours. Just try. You can't. To top it off, medical insurance is the shit (thanks Michael Dell), especially what we have and I have yet to meet nicer people or be more thankful for the level of care I'm getting. So all I'm saying is that things can always be worse, and when someone chooses to be as uneducated and stupid as they can, I get a bit angry. Needless to say, you'll see more of these rants on here, hope you don't mind.

As for chemo, it's going well. Yesterday was good, so good I tried to go eat lunch and shop for hats (pending hair loss, figured I'd need another couple to wear). This went well for about an hour and then I was donesky. In bed by 730 and slept all night. So, I learned my lesson on thinking I can do the things I thought were once just routine. I also found out that I don't get 2 weeks off as thought. Every Tuesday I have to get Bleomycin (sp?) which kinda sucks because it's the roughest of all the drugs and it means I get stuck with a needle for one day, Bleh!!!!!

But hey, it kills Cancer, so Bleomycin is my friend. might be that friend that always kind of a dick, but helps you when you need it the most. Still a friend all the same or ..........Still the Same!


  1. My first instinct was that you bought 3 or 4 fedoras, but then it occurred to me that you might buy a cowboy hat to go along with the saddleupchemosabe theme. Am I right?

    Also, if your eyelashes are at risk of falling out, one of my customers is Xtreme Lashes. I can get you the hook-up, no problem.

  2. This may brighten your day, and is still pending further review until I can make a definite ruling on the field... But I heard on the radio that Bush is coming out with a new album.. Talk amongst yourselves..