Monday, July 25, 2011

So Chemo didn't totally suck today...

So today was he first day of chemo. It didn't suck. Definitely wasn't awesome, but its nice to know that I may not be completely wiped out after this (although today was the big day and the next 4 are supposed to be lighter...(I view this comparison of chemo being lighter as herpes simplex 1. It's better, but at the end of the day. That shit's still Herpes!!!))

The nurses are super awesome and reciprocate those same feelings for me as I instantly lit up the room. Only one of those statements can be confirmed as true at the moment... Anyways, you get your own chair, personal IV (supposedly the cost cutting efforts to use communal IVs did NOT set well with their malpractice insurance carrier...) and they have a snacks section. I imagine that if you were a 30 year old male who for the most part thinks, eats, and acts like a 12 yr old, you'd think this was pretty cool. Needless to say the snack section was cool.

Chemo was not what I thought it was, it was like 6 straight hours and I didn't feel the difference between the drugs and the hydration drip, other than I assume it was the hydration drip that made me pee 3 times as often as the 75 yr old man who was in the room at the same time. This does 2 things: A) It confirms the thought of why the urologist' office smells like it does. B) It debunks the myth that old people pee a lot and starts a new myth that when you drink a ton of water, you pee A LOT. I mean geez.

So I'm sure that posts may fall off the rest of the week as I get more drugs. They may also keep giving Benadryl via IV which caused me on 2 occasions to just look at Suz this morning and start snickering. Like, out loud, higher than a kite, snickering. For now let's just be glad that they didn't blast the following as they sedated me.

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