Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We've found a way to live blog again!!!!

There's jack shit on TV except for the CMA awards. Susan and I have been sitting here making fun and commenting on everything that has happened. We just had a eureka moment that it should all be written down in live blog form. I'm getting a late start so let's give you a quick rundown of what we've already came to agreement on or what Susan came up with first.

  1. Reba does not age
  2. The Band Perry = The Duran Duran of country music
  3. Zac Brown Band doesn't suck
  4. Hank Wiliams Jr. prove that all country music artists & fans are Republicans
  5. Someone was mean to Taylor Swift
  6. Lionel Fucking Richie just came on the CMA's. There isn't anything else to really say about that. Susan says its proof that you can turn anything into a fucking country song. I've got $20 and a song called Dancing on the Ceiling that says she's wrong.
  7. Darius Rucker just joined him on stage. Somewhere in the south Charley Pride just shit his pants. Also, if they don't do at least one Hootie song, I'm gonna be pissed.
  8. Fuck me. I just lost $20
  9. Judging by all of the entertainers on stage tonight. Somewhere backstage, there's a crazy person holding the next performer at bedazzler point...
  10. Commercial Break: we just saw a commercial for the new Alvin & The Chipmunks, Chipwrecked movie. There is no humorous comment that can outdo the fact that we are all aware someone spent at least $1 million on this, probably more...
  11. Judging by the stage setup for The Band Perry, Suz's assumption of them being Nashville's version of Duran Duran is correct. Although it looks more like Duran Duran hooked up with Old Crow Medicine Show. There's a lady in the corner playing an old time phonograph... I was unaware this qualified as an instrument.
  12. They just showed Zac Brown in the audience. He was wearing a black leather vest with Jack Daniels patches and is drinking out of a red solo cup. I imagine he's a cool dude.
  13. Matt Nathanson is singing a duet on the CMA's??? If you know who he is, then you fully understand the oddity of him singing a duet with Sugarland.
  14. The problem with live blogging something like CMA awards is that you have to watch the CMA awards...
  15. Blake Shelton is tall.
  16. Martina McBride always sings these serious songs. She also just got a standing ovation, which would be impressive if it wasn't the 17th time they've done it tonight...
  17. This whole Glenn Campbell tribute seems genuine, but weird. Not in a bad way, just in a, "I dont understand whats happening right now" kind of way. Soooo, I'm done with live blogging this stuff.
Hope you all enjoyed it.


  1. 2 things---did Hootie and Lionel seriously sing Dancing on the Ceiling as a country song? and b) Zac Brown is one cool mofo. If you can prove me wrong, I'll give you your $20 back.

  2. Yes they did. About 30 seconds after that remark I lost my $20 bet with Suz. Quickest that's ever happened. Agreed, we're now looking for Zac Brown tickets when he's in town again.