Wednesday, November 2, 2011

News of the day...

You've noticed as of late (or maybe you haven't) that my posting has all but ceased to exist. There wasn't a reason for the lack of writing really, I just haven't felt like it. Honestly, since chemo has finished it's been a weird month. The best part of chemo was that it gave me a schedule, in a time when I didn't really have much else on my plate besides beating cancer. Once that ended, I found myself with nothing much to do. With not knowing whether I'd have surgery or not, I couldn't really go out a get a job right away, school was mid semester, it was almost like i was in purgatory. Dangling between the lives of beating cancer and what everyone else normally does.

The good news is that after today I know what is happening. I had my ct scan yesterday, and the results were exactly what was expected. My oncologist figured that, due to their original size, I'd have some residual tissue left over from the tumors in my lungs. My blood work shows no growth markers, so in essence there is no cancer, but there is a possibility that it could start growing again. The thing that I find more concerning is that they have the ability to turn into a teratoma. (In case you don't wanna click on the link, they're basically tumors that can contain things such as teeth, hair, bones, etc. which in your lungs would be a bad thing) The decision is that we need to get those out of there. Next week I'll meet with a surgical oncologist (yeah, I didn't know they existed either...) and we'll discuss what the surgery deal is. I know that it isn't as invasive as one would think, but to be real honest, when you're on blood thinners because of a blood clot and someone wants to go rooting around in your lungs, it's hard to not be freaked out. I think that's what has led me to be so quiet about things this past month. I have no reason to be as scared as I am. Given what medical procedures I've encountered this year, I should be fine and in time I may be, but in less than 2 weeks, I'll have had the surgery and then be able to be declared cancer free. No More Technicalities. I'll keep you guys updated more as the next few weeks go by and I promised myself I'd write at least one humorous post per week. My people watching has been nowhere near as prevalent a priority as it should be... I'll make sure I fix that!

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