Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I said I was going to write more and honestly thought it would be Thursday when I got back on campus that I'd be presented with material, but alas there has been a guy tonight that needs to be documented. I'm fascinated with people and how they behave in public, especially those who tend to ignore most social this guy. I'm doing inventory tonight and he's gladly scanning price tags and contemplating his next D&D character (for those of you unfamiliar with nerd culture, that's the nerd equivalent of snappin' necks and cashin' checks...)

1) yes those are pajamas. They said you could dress down. He doesn't understand the concept of moderation in all things, which leads me to...

2) yes that is his cup. Im taking guesses in the comments section on its contents. My guess is mountain dew and 256 ounces.

3) there are two black ladies sitting beside him and they were discussing being too old to go to the club...

He keeps chiming in about his time at the club. There are 2 observations about this :

A) he's never been to a club
B) especially the kind of club they we're talking about. He's way too white and nerdy...

4) he just told another black gentleman that his blue pants looked like scrubs or nurses pants. They look nothing like anything other than dress pants.

5) He just talked about sneezing loud and said he learned it from his mother. Fucking a, sneezing is not a learned behavior.

6) At no point tonight has he went to the restroom. That cup is gigantic, this part alone must actually defy physics, biology, and at least 3 other natural sciences that I am unaware of...

7) He has now initiated a contest between himself and the guy wearing nurse's pants to see who can tell a story that the other guy can't reply with a similar yet more awesome story. (This is also known as Big Dicking someone...)

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