Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bracelet Update

Just a quick note about the bracelets and how that's going. According to the site, those of you who ordered last week should be receiving yours today or tomorrow at the latest, which is great. Overall, we've managed to sell around 25% of the bracelets already, which is amazing. I have quite a few orders this week and those will be going out tomorrow, so be on the lookout if you recently placed and order for an email from me. Suz has sold quite a few in Nashville as well. If you haven't gotten around to buying yours yet, jump on it as I can't promise to hold these for anyone unless I see you on a regular basis. My mom will have limited amounts with her for family members ad close friends, so my best advice is to just order off the blog and let me ship it to you. If we sell out of the first batch and there are people passing around the blog address (I've already had friends of friends that I don't even know order some, which is amazing, and I forget to tell you guys how much I appreciate it and much you guys rock.) (consider your payment my live blogs and that I'll beat cancer. deal?) then I'll order another batch. It actually may end up turning into something larger with t shirts, etc. I just haven't had time to really address what this could be.

Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for ordering, and thanks if you plan on doing so. This has given Susan and I such a great feeling of doing something worthwhile out of a bad situation.

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