Monday, August 8, 2011

Bracelets are on their way

In what I thought would be a super long wait (I ordered them from China, so it may still take awhile to ship them here), but I just got an email saying that the bracelets order has shipped. I went ahead and set up a link at the top right of this blog where you can order them. They're $5 each and $5 for shipping ( I know that seems steep for shipping, but the easiest way to do this for me is with flat rate by USPS, so I can track shipments, etc. and that's what it costs. (Note:If your in Nashville and see Suz or I, just ask us about them instead of paying through the site.)) So anyways, you can come to the blog, place your order with credit card and I'll ship them out as soon as they get here. I've set it up so that you can buy multiples (if a group of you want them, maybe get together and order them to save on shipping.) If you need more than 5 or for that matter just have a question or issue with it, email me @ and we can figure it out. Remember, all of the profits will be donated to The Minnie Pearl Foundation here in Nashville. Its a great charity that helps families in need who are being affected by all types of cancer. If I sell all of the first batch that will already be at least $1000 (maybe more since I haven't "crunched" the numbers yet) to charity. Again feel free to email me with any questions or issues and thank you guys for all of the support. I can't tell you how overwhelming it has been to hear from people during this time. The other good news is that next week is chemo week (its not really good news, but it means I'm one step closer to beating cancer & I'm a glass half full kind of guy, so...) but also expect more writing and hopefully some entertaining LIVE BLOGGING.



  1. no pics yet. They just shipped today. I'll post them as soon as they come in. Likely next week at the longest.

  2. Turns out they made the bracelets in Texas instead of China, so they should be here tomorrow. I'll ship them out hopefully tomorrow but Thursday at the latest. Thanks again if you guys have already purchased. I'll also post some pics, for those of you who've asked what look like