Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's get real for a minute

Sometimes in life you have those days where everything is just kind of blah and then you have the days that are the opposite. In the last week, most of mine have been blah. The one good thing about chemo is that its a schedule, its something you have to do. It's nice to have a purpose (killing cancer, a job, people to take care of, etc.), but on off chemo weeks like this week and next week, my purpose is to exist and rest up for the next round of chemo. My recliner feels like its slowly becoming part of me (note that its less than 3 weeks old). My point in all this rambling is that I'm trying to have more purpose with how I live (the title said I was getting real, so here it is). Susan and I have decided that it'd be nice to actually try and make a positive out of this, so my new idea is to sell bracelets on the site and then donate those proceeds to the Minnie Pearl Foundation. Its a local charity that helps cancer patients and their families in various ways and the one that my oncologist supports. Turns out there really isn't much of a support system for testicular cancer (i blame the high cure rates, damn those cure rates!!!!)So I thought a local charity would be best. Actually Susan suggested it. I don't give her enough credit. Especially right now. Which is what I kind of wanted to talk about before getting sidetracked. You never think about who else the cancer effects. My days are blah because I have one goal. Beating cancer. Susan had a chipped tooth, work, car registration to deal with, plus me. I couldn't deal with all that minus the cancer, yet she makes it through each day intact. All I'm saying I guess is that when you tell a cancer patient that you are thinking, praying, etc. about them, don't forget to check on the others around them. Often times they are the ones who deal with it more really and daily. All the support kind of gives you a fuzzy euphoric feeling that makes you not think about the cancer, which I'm sure is both intended and good, but it helps coping with it.

I'll post more details on the bracelets as they come. I plan on ordering 200 this weekend, selling them for around $7-10 each shipped and then donating the profit. If my calculations are right, it should be close to $1000 that we can raise (which blew me away). They'll be like the rubber Live Strong type except it will just say, "I Rock One" bc you know those of us who've had testicular cancer sometimes are only left with one..ummm....well you know. NUT!!!!!!

So tell your friends, or better yet just buy them one as a gift.

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