Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Livin' On A Prayer

We're halfway there

I know, technically those lyrics are backwards, but if you're reading this blog and splitting hairs over grammar instead of watching an awesome Bon Jovi video, then I'd consider you a bit ungrateful. The entire purpose of today's post is that I am now HALFWAY through treatment and I felt there was no better way to commemorate that than a Bon Jovi video... Treatments have gone well and honestly, given the state that I've seen some of the other patients in, chemo has not been that bad. I would guess the worst part of it is that I damn near pass out every time they draw blood (which is weekly).

So how did today go? It went great, luckily it was a short day because one of the ladies in the treatment room loves her children and grandchildren. She also oves to tell you about visiting them in Ohio. Did I mention they were from Ohio? You would have thought they lived in the fucking magical kingdom. Anyways, since I had a CT scan directly after the chemo treatment, you guys were robbed of what was likely a great live blog. Don't blame me, blame...well actually don't blame anyone. I'm sure there will be many more chances for things such as that. I'll try to write more this week, but honestly nothing all that humorous has went on, and I feel like 2-3 posts per week about inane ideas or how my day was.

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