Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Live Blog Chemo Day #2

Figured I would do this again since its been a slow day so far. Tuesdays the chemo room is hopping and today there is some banter going about that has me ready to blog, so here we go:

12:44 - I really wish the gentlemen with the remote would figure out that he has the tv remote and not the cable remote. He wants to change the channel every 5 minutes and every 5 minutes the tv goes to fuzz. It makes an awesome sound. FYI, this is Vera Bradley from last live blog. I'm stealing the remote from here on out. It's better that way for everyone.

12:48 - Nurse just asked if anyone needed anything. Old dude next to me just asked for a quarter pounder. I like this guy. I dont think he was joking though. He has on knock off TEVA sandals. Why do people purchase these? No one has ever knowingly looked at a pair of these and said, "These look awesome!" Why does everyone wear these sandals?

12:55 - I know this old man isnt talking on his cell phone right now. Somebody is getting punched. I'll hit an old man. What was funniest is when Suz and I IM'ed each other immediately plotting this guy's demise.

1:02 - Now everyone over the age of 55 in this room (everyone but Susan & I) are discussing the merits of corporal punishment.

1:04 - Reasons I love my wife. She just pointed out the overwhelming Jorts prescence here today. Also, it's apparently group bathroom break time.

1:06 - The guy that asked for the qtr pounder, let's call him Royale with cheese, or Royale for short thrives on messing with the nurses. He called the chemo drug Kool-aid bc its orange. He also used the word Placebo correctly. I'm impressed.

1:10 - T-Mobile (the cell phone guy) is calling his wife now. Presumably to go home. Otherwise, I'll shiv him next time he mentions the water pills. Now another old guy is trying on wigs. I wanna hang out with him. He must be the coolest grandpa ever.

Unfortunately thats all for today, since during off weeks I only get one drug on Tuesdays. Hope you enjoyed it. I didn't. Almost passed out again. Got my finger stuck. I'm beginning to hate Tuesdays...

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